• Qanun El Tarab

    Qanun El Tarab


    Having introduced many top quality albums for the Egyptian Dance, I am working on a new series to introduce each individual solo instrument we use in the Egyptian music ensembles as the star of each album, featuring a top class virtuoso in each one.

  • Sabla Tolo - Journeys into pure Egyptian Percussion

    Sabla Tolo – Journeys into pure Egyptian Percussion

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    A celebration, a fireworks of Egyptian rhythm and percussion! Powerful, exhilarating, with lots of groove and drive! Hossam Ramzy presents Egyptian rhythms like they have never been played before: thirteen new compositions of Tabla and percussion solos for belly Dance!

  • Rhythms of the Nile - Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms 2 CDs

    Rhythms of the Nile – Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms 2 CDs

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    This is an education in Egyptian Dance rhythms. Comprising of 2 CDs.

  • Ro-He



    Classical Egyptian music in modern arrangements composed by Essam Rashad, one of Egypt’s most prominent composers of the 20th century. His music has been heard many times on radio and TV all over the Middle East.

  • Dalinda - Turquoise

    Dalinda – Turquoise


    How do you define the connection between inspiration and the origin of one’s being?How do you pinpoint the artistic background of someone who considers herself a collector of influences of places she has lived in and those she carries in her genes, rather than belonging to any particular part of this world?Dalinda, originally Bosnian, was born in Libya, on the Saharan fringe of the Mediterranean.

  • Egyptian Sufi

    Egyptian Sufi


    Sheikh Mohamed Al Helbawy was born in Bab El Shaareyya, Cairo, on the 9th of February 1946. He learned to recite all of the wholly Qouran at a very early age on the hands of various Sheikhs in Cairo. He enrolled into the University of Al Azhar (The University for Islamic and other Academic Studies). He also studied the arts and science of Oriental Music & Voices.

  • Gypsies of the Nile

    Gypsies of the Nile


    “RAHHAL” (Traveler) is an album by a group of traveling artists, who through all the above have even forgotten from where they originally emanated. They live, currently, 65 miles into the desert west of a small village called Janaklees, famous for its grape vines and wine making, which is also about another 60 or so miles outside of EL BEHEIRA province of Egypt. They travel all over the country, up and down the Nile performing in weddings, festivals and religious celebrations.

  • Faddah



    FADDAH (‘Silver’) is an album of brand new classical style Egyptian Dance compositions, created by Hossam Ramzy, the ‘Sultan of Swing’.

  • Best of Hossam Ramzy

    Best of Hossam Ramzy


    Here is a collection of Hossam’s finest pieces, selected by the great master himself.

  • El Amar - featuring Mohsen Allaam on Accordion

    El Amar – featuring Mohsen Allaam on Accordion


    An album of the most beautiful love songs that make you just want to dance. Featuring the incredible Quarter Tone Egyptian Accordion player Mohsen Allaam, in collaboration with Egypt’s Ambassador of Rhythm, Hossam Ramzy, The Sultan Of Swing.


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