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Bedouin Tribal Dance

Energetic Dance Music
driven by the joy of living side by side with nature

This show presents the heart of Egypt and the Egyptian people from all walks of life. Classical music that touched the hearts of generations past mixed in with Famous Egyptian Traditional music THE BALADI (Urbanised Folklore) that holds the innocence of the countryside as well as all the lure of the Ghetto.

In this show we will not be trying to make history. I am actually bringing to you the people who created the history of Egyptian music from the 20th century.

The Band:

Emil Bassili, ViolinEmil Bassili, Violin

A violinist who brings you the smooth sounds of Cairo. Serpentine like soloing and heart rendering Arabian Nights. He was one of the famous Violinists in the highest acclaimed orchestra playing for the most famous singer of Arabian times: Om Kolthoum (the Shining Star of the Middle East).

Wadie Nossier, Nay (Egyptian Bamboo Flute)Wadie Nossier, Nay (Egyptian Bamboo Flute)

An incredible performer, who takes you on journey, sailing the flowing waters, calmly caressing the banks of the Nile River passing through the history of Egypt. The Nay is an unchanged instrument since the times of the Pharaohs. Wadie is professor of Music at the Egyptian High institute of Arabian Music and a man who worked and recorded with.... well, almost any and everyone who is worth mentioning as a brilliant star singer. Soulful, Spiritual, Floating, Playful and very Accurate.

El Gamal El Soghayyar, KeyboardsEl Gamal El Soghayyar, Keyboards

The son of the late El Gamal, Cairo's best known accordion player, who put him on the stage at the age of 7 to play in weddings, birthdays and traditional parties. By the age of 10, El Gamal El Soghayyar became very well known in the musical scene and was working professionally in the nightclubs next to his dad. He specialised in music for Belly dancing and composed 100's of some of the best known Egyptian dancers such as Shushu Amin, Hala El Safi, Mona El Saied and many more. His music had now become known as the "Golden Oldies" of nowadays. He is formidable arranger who has made and recorded music since the early 70's.

Sheikh Taha, AccordionSheikh Taha, Accordion

Sheikh Taha is an accordion player who put many of the world famous popular singers of Egypt on the map. Singers like Ahmed Adaweya, Mohamed Abdel Mottalib & many more. The distinctive sound of the best Baladi improvisation, a man who not only studied Arabian music, but has also composed in Jazz format and written many tunes that echoing all over the world.

Josef Iskander, DrumsJosef Iskander, Drums

A drummer extraordinaire. He has been at the forefront of the Arabic music scene in Cairo, the Middle East and Europ. He toured the world and performed to the masses. He was the support percussionist on Hossam Ramzy's first ever release (An Introduction to Egyptian Dance Rhythms) in 1987 and still holds that same position. To keep up pace with Hossam Ramzy's intricate rhythmenology, you have to be very knowledgeable in Egyptian and World Percussion in all its colours and a Metronomic Demon.
To do that for the last two decades.... Josef Iskander continues to do so and be there......

The Show:

The show is divided into these two sections, starting with the classical part :

· Instrumental music to the history making songs from Om Kolthoum , Abdul Halim Hafiz and Farid Al Atrash are being visually portrayed by the delightful dancing of Serena Ramzy.
· Powerful Rhythmic Drum Solos by Hossam Ramzy & Josef Iskander.
· Spiritual improvisations to new compositions by Hossam presenting the Egyptian Nay Flute by Wadie Nossier and the singing strings of the Egyptian Violin by Emil Bassili.
All this is performed by the orchestra accompanied by the Accordion from Sheikh Taha and Keyboards by El Gamal El Soghayyar.

Second part: Baladi

· Live improvisation created on the night by the Quarter tone Accordion played by Sheikh Taha, Egypt's most acclaimed accordionist of the last 4 decades. Presenting accurate interpretation by Serena Ramzy to this impromptu composition and supported by the same style of Question and Answer from the whole orchestra.
· Baladi, as an improvised style, has another branch to it that became known songs and gained high popularity. Serena Ramzy in this second half will be dancing to some of these songs portraying and presenting some of her own choreographies as presented on her recently released DVD "Visual Melodies".
· No Baladi composition is complete without a live, Improvised Drum Solo Duets. Here, Hossam & Josef will be accompanying Serena on a journey, exploring the various ways to interpret the Egyptian Rhythms, old and new. Sharp accents, soft transitions and rhythmic phrasing that become alive in 3D.

In all, an evening of celebration of Egyptian Music and Dancing presented by Hossam Ramzy Ensemble.

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