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  • El Berencesa – The Princess

    Avaliação 5.00 de 5

    Hossam Ramzy Baladi – é o coração e a alma da dança egípcia.


    Este é o seu álbum:

    Este álbum foi financiado por você que se comprometeu a pré-encomendar suas cópias antes de todos os outros. Eu agradeço do fundo do meu coração e reconheço a todos por sua maravilhosa contribuição. Este álbum não teria visto a luz do dia se não fosse pelo seu AMOR e crença em mim e pela sua generosidade e apoio. Quero agradecer a todos por me darem a ajuda e apoio para criar esta música mágica para você.

  • Promoção!

    Sabla Tolo IV – “Tak Raka Takum”

    £9.95 £8.50

    A heady collection of brand new, hip-swaying, high energy percussion compositions with full arrangements for Oriental dance. Egyptian percussion with an African feel, with hot and driving Brazilian Samba and a hint of Indian spice, mixing it up with Moroccan Shaaby and Flamenco – boiling it up with a bit of ‘witchcraft’! Info in English and German.

  • Promoção! Best of Hossam Ramzy III

    Best of Hossam Ramzy III

    £8.50 £8.00

    By popular demand and following on from Hossam’s first two hugely successful “Best of…” albums, here are over 1 hour of the newest favourites of Oriental dance music, some of them re-mastered and shortened to represent today’s trend to shorter pieces. Artist bio and info about each of the pieces in English and German. Total playing time: 73:58 min.

  • Best of Saaidi

    Best of Saaidi


    Pure thoroughbred Egyptian dance music by Hossam Ramzy with a gathering of the best musicians of Cairo’s Mohammed Ali Street (e.g.
    Mostafa Sax, Farouq Mohammed Hassan and others). The pieces have been re-mastered and partly shortened, the better to suit today’s oriental dancers. Info in English and German.

  • Promoção! From Cairo to Sao Paulo

    From Cairo to Sao Paulo

    £5.99 £4.99

    Exuberant, exhilarating and infectious dance compositions with a funky, modern touch by Hossam Ramzy, rhythmically arranged especially with dancers in mind – freshly remastered, including bonus track. Hossam’s percussion is accompanied on keyboards, bass, mizmar, quarter tone accordion, nay, kawala and quarter tone saxophone. The booklet contains information in English, German, French and Spanish.

  • Masters of Percussion, Vol. 3 - Hossam Ramzy, Joji Hirota, Nahini Doumbia, Sola Akngbola...

    Masters of Percussion, Vol. 3 – Hossam Ramzy, Joji Hirota, Nahini Doumbia, Sola Akngbola…


    Powerful, stimulating drumming and percussion from around the world. Eight giants of percussion from Egypt, Japan, India, Mali, Nigeria and Iran present well over one hour of exhilarating drumming pieces in a colourful variety of styles. Info about the artists and each of the pieces in four languages. Total playing time: 73:50 min.

  • Promoção! Rock The Tabla

    Rock The Tabla

    £10.99 £8.99

    An explosive musical journey representing and combining musical genius from all corners of the globe. Featuring world renowned artists A.R. Rahman, Billy Cobham, Manu Katché, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Jimmy Waldo, Joji Hirota, Chaz Kkoshi, Phil Thornton, John Themis and others, Hossam Ramzy presents Rock the Tabla, an album that is sure to get your feet tapping, heads nodding and body swaying to this diverse combination of electrifying rhythmic collaborations. Richly illustrated booklet with extensive info in four languages.

  • Promoção! Egypt Unveiled

    Egypt Unveiled

    Avaliação 5.00 de 5
    £9.70 £8.50

    Following the huge success of the previous albums Eternal Egypt, Immortal Egypt and Enchanted Egypt, Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy present Egypt Unveiled, crowning the trilogy. A magnificent album, echoing the majesty of the pyramids, revealing the mystery of Egypt in a 21st century guise. Artist biographies and descriptions of the pieces in four languages.

    This is a SPECIAL EDITION of the album where Hossam has created an outer designed sleeve, which is only available
    from this site plus, each album you buy, will be
    autographed by Hossam.

  • RUBY - Classical Egyptian Belly Dance

    RUBY – Classical Egyptian Belly Dance

    Avaliação 5.00 de 5

    10 brand new compositions exploring a whole gamut of sounds and emotions. You will find them lush, extravagant, dynamic, exciting, driving, rhythmic, emotional, playful, light hearted, deep, soulful and above all…..

    VERY DANCEABLE.  All done with YOU, the dancer, in mind.

    …..With Lots of Rhythm,
    Hossam Ramzy

  • Masters of Percussion, Vol. 2 - Hossam Ramzy, Zarbang, Joji Hirota, Pete Lockett

    Masters of Percussion, Vol. 2 – Hossam Ramzy, Zarbang, Joji Hirota, Pete Lockett


    Some of the most fabulous, stirring drumming and percussion from around the world. Gripping rhythms, powerful drums, each piece a gem!
    Master drummers and percussionists from South Africa, England, Japan (Taiko), Egypt, Iran, the Caribbean and Burundi (Central Africa) at their best.

    Info about each of the artists and pieces in English, German, French and Spanish.

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