RUBY – Classical Egyptian Belly Dance

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10 brand new compositions exploring a whole gamut of sounds and emotions. You will find them lush, extravagant, dynamic, exciting, driving, rhythmic, emotional, playful, light hearted, deep, soulful and above all…..

VERY DANCEABLE.  All done with YOU, the dancer, in mind.

…..With Lots of Rhythm,
Hossam Ramzy

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• Tracks: 10

• Playing Time: 49:18 min

• Booklet Info in: English, Spanish, French, German

Ruby is a follow up to the mega successful, award winning album “Faddah” EUCD 1614. I was asked by many dancers around the world to create an album of similar style and quality musical compositions that were around the five minutes in length and still captures that spirit of the classical Egyptian Dance style of the 1970’s and 80’s in Cairo as well brings it all to the 21st century. Not an easy task to do, but here we have.

Ruby is based on the names and some characters of precious gem stones. I have even played up on some of the words to conjure up certain images I wanted to invoke in your mind.

Like “Faddah”, each composition from Ruby has a grand introduction followed by an intricate Baladi style melody within the composition. Sometimes a powerful Saidi section is introduced and much of my heartfelt emotions poured into the sound with the hope of seeing many of you dancing to it and making it come alive. This music is a revival of the times when the stellar  names in the world of Egyptian dance such as Mona El Said, Gawaher, Suzie Khairy, Hala El Safy, Shushu
Amin, lucy and Azza Sherif enjoyed  the throne as the queens of the Cairo dance club scene over the 70’s & 80’s.

VERY DANCEABLE.  All done with YOU, the dancer, in mind.

…..With Lots of Rhythm, Hossam Ramzy

Track Listing:

1.  THE BLACK OPAL – 5:06
3.  RUBY – 6:20
5.  DIAMOND  IN  THE  ROUGH – 5:02
6.  TIGERS  EYES – 4:41
7.  THE  PEARL  IN  MY  HEART – 3:35
8.   MOONSTONE – 6:30

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4 reviews for RUBY – Classical Egyptian Belly Dance

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hello Hossam,
    I am still loving that album! The story goes like this……I tried to work out in my mind what it was that I really liked the most. Then yesterday after talking to another dancer, I have it!

    Weekly doing shows and each one I challenge myself to use different tracks. I give each one a fresh personalised combination,melting tracks carefully for the hirers requirements.
    So,, Ruby is delicously fun to listen to and choices are great. Also the pieces are not 10 minutes long.

    Thanks again for the beautiful moving music


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    One month ago you and Serena came to Mexico and I still be so delighting to learn about how to listen the music actually i feel like afish in the ocean I love this album all the songs are a authentic jewels.
    i hope you’ll come back to Mexico Again to hear some mariachis songs

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    At last! this fabulous new album is pure marvel! every single composition is a could not find a better name for it.. it is wonderful to listen to and a challenge for any choreographer..congratulations and thank you for composing such artistic music, technically impeccable!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    تحياتي عزيزي
    اسمي غازي انعيم أعمل في مجال الكتابة والنقد التشكيلي في العديد من الصحف والمجلات الأردنية والعربية.. وأحمل كبالوريوس فنون جميلة من جامعة دمشق العام 1985، وكذلك أعمل رئيساً لرابطة الفنانين التشكيليين الأرد&a

    • Dear Mr. Ghazy,
      Thank you for your message.
      How can I be of help to you?
      Hossam Ramzy

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