Hossam Ramzy Sombaty “Arabesque” Signature Tabla


I am very pleased to announce that I have finally arrived at a Tabla Design that I am prepared to present to you with my name and logo on it. I proudly present the “Hossam Ramzy Signature Series.”

This drum is exactly the same in size, quality and sound as the CLASSIC Sombati. However, due to the huge public demand who fell in love with the decorations on The Baladi Signature Tabla, I decided to make some Sombati’s with this Arabesque design. Enjoy them all.



All these Tablas are made by own manufacturers, supervised and inspected all the way by myself, under my vigilant observation and strict instructions and directions all the way from start to finish until you have it in your own hands.

At any given day or at any time, I am prepared to close my eyes and just pick any of my Tablas off the shelf and take it to any gig, concert, workshop or recording session… All the Tablas are made equally and you will always have a drum that I am proud to call “MY OWN”.

Here are the specifications:

Height: 44 cm
Width: 29 cm
Head size: 22.5cm
Shell: Cast Aluminium
Inlay: Pawa Shell /From Abalone (Blue/Green/Red all in one)
Head: Made in Cairo, Standard  Synthetic.
Price: £375 GBP plus Packaging & Shipping  ( Approx £110 GBP  to
the USA /Australia ).

The Tablas weigh 5.5  Kgs each which is about 13  lb.  And an average of 4 extra kilos or so for the packaging.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
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