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The Advanced Dancers, Teachers & Professional Performers Certified Course

This course is aimed at dancers who want to become professional as a dancer. This course will help you to become knowledgeable in understanding:

  • All the Egyptian dance rhythms.
  • Able to recognise the various parts of the music. (Musical Structure within Egyptian Dance).
  • Able to express the music with movement and be creative in doing so.
  • Learn a high level of technique, movement and musical interpretation in various styles and influences.
  • Become knowledgeable in the various styles of Egyptian Dance.
  • Learn the various styles of dance, from the old “Stars of Egypt” such as Naima Akef, Taheya Karioka, Samya Gamal and many more.
  • Become flawless at designing your own choreographies and making the music come alive.
  • Resolve any and all problems with regards to performing live to an audience. Be it to pre-recorded
    music or with a live band.
  • The participants in the course will be part of the school’s Graduation Show that the students will help to organise for the end of course performance.

The course will have the following steps to it:

  1. Private assessment class for each student with a proper interview and audition to assess each one’s dance style, understanding of music and rhythm as well as what each dancer knows and what she feels that she needs to improve on.
  2. We will first of all help overcome your immediate and initial obstacles in dance one by one ready to advance on the course.
  3. There will be:
    • 12 (twelve) individual classes of rhythm and dance over a period of 9 (nine) months.
      – You will be taught to play a Duff (frame drum) and read basic music for percussion.- You will be learning the art musical interpretation in dance. You will become an expert in the portrayal of the various parts of the music. You will also learn the various styles of the dancers who pioneered this art form as we know it today
    • Plus 6 (six) GROUP CLASSES where we will concentrate on the understanding of musical layers in choreography and how to break down each piece of music. Moreover, the students will be learning basic techniques and choreographies for developing their own styles amalgamating all the above knowledge.
    • The Group Classes will include Drum Solo, Saidi Folklore, Basic Layers, Classical and Baladi that will be with live musicians.
    • The Group Classes will be held over 3 weekends with one month between each weekend. Group Classes are scheduled ahead of time and you will be informed of them when you enrol on the course.
    • Visual studies and discussions of various styles of dance from videos.
    • Homework, where each dancer will be given a private homework to practice and present. Each dancer will be expected to do her homework and record it and upload it to YouTube as an UNLISTED clip for our viewing, assessing, grading and marking of that homework. The response to your homework will be sent by email.
    • Correction regarding the homework will be re-assessed on the following class.


The classes in this course will be scheduled every 3 (three) weeks and between each class you will have some homework to study, practice and present.

In total the course will be 12 (twelve) months or shorter depending on each dancer’s abilities to assimilate and apply the knowledge in the course, and of course the number of hours dedicated to practising the course material.

This will be in addition to the time it will take to prepare for the end of course Graduation Show and presentation.

We also understand that each dancer is a different person with different needs and abilities. So while we aim for you to complete the course within 12 (twelve) months, but if you need extra tuition over the period of the 18 (eighteen) classes we will work out a special program to help you through any difficulties*.


£2750 Pounds for the 18 classes and welcome pack**.
£1500 Advance Registration fee***.
Followed by 10 x monthly payments of £125 to start at the start of your course on the first lesson.


Coming soon
* If extra classes and program are needed, special fees will apply according to each program.

** The welcome pack consists of:
A “Source Of Fire” CD.
A free Duff (Frame drum) worth £70 GBP.
A free Drumzy School T-Shirt.

***The advanced registration payment can be paid in full or in 3 instalments. The monthly course classes payments will continue as standard.
For more information on how to register for this course, please contact us as follows:

By Phone: +44 1342 410800
By Email:

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